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    We will be using Bet at home for this matched bet - They are offering a €20 Deposit Bonus

    To begin with, you will need to open a new account with Bet at home bookmaker. Please use the link below to open your new Bet at home account and enter promotion code TOPUK when signing up to ensure you qualify for the Bet at home €20 Deposit Bonus.

    €20 Deposit Bonus
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    Deposit $1 into your $2 account

    In order to cover the bet your about to make in $2, you will need to deposit $1 into your Betfair account. If you don’t currently have a Betfair account, please click the logo above to open a new account with Betfair and make a deposit of $1

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    Stake $1 on $2 at odds of $3

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    Lay $1 against $2 at lay odds of $3. Liability: $4

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    That's it, your bets have now been placed, regardless of the final result all outcomes have now been covered. To review all potential bet outcomes please view the outcomes shown below

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