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£50 Casino Bonus and rollover on Blackjack!

Make your first deposit at 188Bet Casino and get a 100% Bonus up to £50. Complete the wagering requirement on ANY game including BLACKJACK and withdraw!

This offer is exclusive to UK customers.

The Offer

We are offering everyone playing our new Casino a 100% deposit boost up to £50. Play dozens of popular casino games and make sure you deposit today to get double the funds to play with. Play Now!

Nowadays, the casinos do not often count bets on Blackjack towards the completion of the wagering requirement (because it's too easy!). 188 Bet Casino include Blackjack in their qualifying games making it easier to withdraw the bonus.

Getting Started

  1. Click here to go to 188 Bet Casino and open an account
  2. Deposit £50
  3. Send an email to containing
    • your username
    • your deposit amount
    • and stating the promotion code casinomatch50
  4. Your account will be credited with £50 bonus within 48 hours

Read below to find out how to use the "Perfect Blackjack System" to enable to you withdraw the bonus with the minimum of risk.



How to cash out the £50 bonus with lowest possible risk

Once you have followed the steps above your balance will be £100 (your £50 deposit plus £50 bonus).

Now, before you can withdraw your £50 deposit and £50 bonus you must place a certain number of bets at the casino called the "wagering requirement". The wagering requirment is "30 x deposit plus bonus amount" meaning you will need to wager £3000 (£50 deposit + £50 bonus x 30) before you can withdraw.

This is actually very easy and can be done by playing through just 600 hands of blackjack. If you have every played blackjack before you will know that this can be acheived in no time but don't worry if you have never played before as we will be using a tried-and-tested system called "Perfect Blackjack".

The system works by playing the best possible hand statistically. The table below will tell you whether to "Hit", "Stand" or "Double" based on your two cards and the dealer's one card.

Because you always play the best hand statistically, the house edge is at its very lowest (about 3%) so that after playing though the 600 hands you should have broken even (give or take), just as if you flipped a coin 600 times.

Keep a tally of how much you have bet and once you have bet through £3000 in total, withdraw your £50 deposit + £50 bonus +/- any winnings or losses incurred during gameplay.


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