What is Dutch Betting?

Dutch betting is when a back bet is placed on every outcome in a betting event and the total stake is calculated and split accross the outcomes in such as way that regardless of the result, the overall profit or loss is equal, regardless of which selection wins.

In matched betting terms, we can place dutch bets to cover all outcomes of an event just like we do when we use the usual BACK and LAY method. The principle is exactly the same but an advantage of placing dutch bets is that we don't need to use an exchange every time. Instead we can use another bookmaker to "lay off" the bet and get the free bet at the same time!

Traditionally, the aim is to find a dutch bet where the 'overround' is less than 100% meaning that the bookmaker's 'margin' is in the punters favour and therefore a returns a guaranteed profit. When matched betting an overround of over 100% will incurr an acceptable loss in order to obtain the free bets without risk.

How to use the Auto Dutcher

Please select up to three bookmakers from the list below. Selecting a bookmaker means that the bookmaker must appear in the results. For example if you select Ladbrokes and Coral, all returned dutch bets will contain Ladbrokes and Coral and one other bookmaker.

The AutoDutcher is currently in BETA while we gather feedback to decide how to improve it. Please be sure to check the odds in ALL bookmakers before placing any bets and read the terms and conditions of the respective free bet promotions.

Event Start Time Overround Total Outlay Total Profit Bet Information
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