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30/10/2015 18:58:54

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Hi all, got a couple of questions as a little stuck now. Great site btw!
So I've just started into match betting. I have had accounts with bet365, paddypower, skybet, williamhill, betfair, betway, betvictor, ladbrokes, coral, betfred. So a lot of the startup options were limited. I chose to start with unibet.

I deposited £20 into unibet.

Here I bet £20 on Portland Timbers at 1.75. I laid this bet on betfair, at 1.83 odds, £19.66 stake with £16.32 liability.

The Portland drew so I lost the bet on Unibet, won on betfair, and also got £20 free bet on Unibet. Small loss of £1.32

I carried on and used the £20 on Unibet to bet on James Ward in the tennis at 2.2 odds. I covered this on betfair at 2.32 odds, with a £10.30 stake and £13.60 liability. James Ward lost, so this meant moving on from unibet with a little profit in the betfair account. Overall profit - £9.79 - £1.32 = £8.47

I then signed up with Bwin. I think the rules changed recently, so I need to stake £90 for first free £15 then another £90 for another £15

So here's what I've done so far.

Deposited £30 pounds into bwin. Placed £30 on Hapoel Ashkelon at odds of 2.35. I covered this with betfair, at odds of 2.38. Stake of £30.26, liability of £41.76. Hapoel lost so I won on betfair. Loss of £1.25 on this bet

Deposited another £20 pounds into bwin. Bet this on USM EL Harrach at odds of 2.05. Covered it with betfair at odds of 2. Stake £21.03, liability of £21.03. USM lost, so I won on betfair. Loss of £0.02 on this bet

Deposited another £40 pounds into bwin. Bet on Pirin at odds of 1.7. Covered with betfair, at odds of 1.65, stake £42.50, liability £27.63. Pirin lost, so I won on betfair. Made a profit of £0.38 on this bet. This qualified me for the first £15 bonus on bwin.

I used this £15 bonus on bwin to bet on Akhisar at odds of 4.10. I covered this on betfair, odds of 4.5. Stake £10.45, liability of £36.58. Akhisar won so I won on £61.50 on bwin. This is where I am now stuck and a little confused. Was this a stake returned or not stake returned? I currently have £97.30 on betfair and £61.50 on bwin. When calculating which bet to place on bwin (I need to stake another £75 for the other £15 bonus) which selection do I chose on calculator? Arb/Free bet stake returned/ free bet stake not returned?

I tried using the site but it got confused me a little and then I accidently pressed withdraw on the bwin help section so cannot use that. Anyone recommend what to do next? Bets I can put on tonight before withdrawing from bwin or should I just withdraw now ? (I want to place some money on paddypower as I noticed they have a bet 20 pound get 10 pound for existing customers on the Liverpool game tomorrow morning).

Thanks for any help
01/11/2015 17:02:59

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Hi, Please follow the instructions on Automatcher and will become clear, not sure why you only layed £10.30 against your £20 bonus in Unibet since the £20 Unibet bonus is credited as cash so you needed to place a £20 rollover bet.

The £30 Bwin bonus is also credited as cash so please select rollover bet for all bets placed with the bookmaker. You can adjust your stakes using the real stake box. I hope this helps make things a little clearer.

Home » Free bets » Newbie questions!

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