Published on  03/04/2017, 02:28  by  James
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Fun88, £50 Free Bet = £35+ Profit

Fun88 is offering a £50 free bet to all new members who sign up via our site and place 6 x £50 bets at odds of 2.00 or above. This may sound like alot of bets to some, but when using the matched betting strategy and Automatcher this is easily achievable and you stand to lock in a guaranteed £35 profit from this Fun88 free bet offer. Here's what you need to do ...


How to make £35+ Profit from Fun88 £50 Free Bet 

1. Click here to sign up to Fun88 and deposit £50 into your betting account
2. Place a £50 qualifying bet via Automatcher
3. Continue to place 5 more £50 "Qualifying Bets" with Fun88 using Automatcher. If your balance drops below £50 you'll need to make another deposit into Fun88, if not continue to use your existing balance until you've placed a total of 6 x £50 qualifying bets 
4. Once your £50 free bet has been credited is Fun88, place an "SNR follow up bet" using your £50 free bet via Automatcher to turn your £50 free bet into at least £35 guaranteed profit 

Simple right, that's another easy £35 profit to add to your matched betting bank roll. 


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