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MarathonBet - Bet £80 get £20 Free Bet

Freebets4all has partnered up with new bookmaker - to bring you a brand new free bet offer. Sign up to Marathonbet via any link on our site using promo code TV20 and deposit and bet £80 and get a £20 free bet. Naturally as always we have this latest Marathonbet free bet offer listed on Automatcher, making it easier than ever for you to find a risk free matched bet. Once completed you stand to lock in a guaranteed profit of £15+ from this free bet offer 

Here's what you need to do

1. Click here to go to Marathonbet, sign up using promo code TV20 and deposit £80 into your account. 
2. Click here to go to Automatcher > Select Marathon Bet for bookmaker > Click Find Bets

(Click on one of the returned qualifying bets in the Automatcher table and follow steps 3 & 4)

3. Place an £80 Back bet in Marathonbet to qualify for your £20 free bet 
4. Lay the opposing view by placing a Lay bet on the same selection in Betfair to make the bet risk free
5. Wait for the bet to settle to receive your £20 free bet in Marathonbet 

(This time you need to bet with your Marathonbet free bet. Again go to Automatcher > Select Marathonbet for your bookmaker > Stake Not Returned Follow Up for your bet type > Click Find Bets. Click on one of the follow up bets in the Automatcher table and follow steps 6 & 7)

6. Place your £20 free bet in Marathonbet. 
7. Lay the opposing view in Betfair by placing a Laybet on the same selection 
8. Sit back and wait for the bet to settle. You will have locked in a guaranteed profit of at least £15 from this offer. 



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