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NetBet - Bet £100, Get £50 Cash Bonus

 NetBet Sports has a new welcome bonus, offering all new customers a 50% bonus up to £50 on your first £100 deposit when you sign up using promo code WELCOME50. 

To recieve your £50 Netbet bonus you will first need to roll over your £100 deposit amount 1x before the bonus is credited. You will then need to roll over your deposit amount and bonus a further 6x before the bonus can be withdrawn. 

Remember this 6x deposit and bonus roll over requirement only refers to the maximum amount you may need to bet if your bets continue to win in Netbet, as is often the case you may win in the exchange early on meaning the roll over requirement will be cut short. 

To find all your matched bets for this offer please use our pioneering Automatcher software. Automatcher is primed and ready with all the latest Netbet odds to make your matched betting experience easier than ever.

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1. Click here to sign up to Netbet and deposit £100 - Enter promo code WELCOME50 

2. Place a £100 QUALIFYING BET via Automatcher to receive your £50 Bonus 

3. Once the bonus is received place a ROLLOVER bet via Automatcher - Enter your complete Netbet balance (real money + Bonus money) in the real stake box and click find bet. 

4. If your bet from step 3 wins in the exchange simply withdraw your profit and move onto the next bookmaker offering a free bet.

5. If your bet from step 3 wins in Netbet continue to place rollover bets with netbet until you have either bet £900 in total or all your Netbet funds have ended up in the exchange.

To calculate exactly how much profit you make from this offer. Simply add up all of the losses you incurr from the qualifying bets and rollover bets and deduct that total loss amount from the £50 cash bonus you're given for joining. For instance £50 minus £10 overall loss = £40 profit. Don't worry you'll always walk away with a decent profit from this offer regardless if you have to complete the entire £900 wagering requirement. 


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