Published on  08/20/2014, 12:20  by  James
Category:  Free Bets

New Winner Free Bet - Bet £5 get £20 Free

Fresh in, new winner free bet, bet £5 and get a £20 free bet. This new Winner free bet offer goes live today and we have Automatcher preped and ready with all the latest free bet info. To find a matched bet for this latest winner free bet offer simpy go to Auomatcher and select Winner for your Bookie and click the find bet button to view the best matched bets on offer. To display the matched betting instructions simply click on any bet row in the table.

Alternatively you can find matched bets for this offer via your freebets4all members area, if you don't already hold an FB4A account, just click the link at the top of the page to join now. Happy matched betting



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