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Matched betting.
An established concept

Matched betting is the method of extracting online bookmaker’s free bets for guaranteed profit. matched betting is in fact not gambling, since when placing matched bets all possible bet outcomes are covered and your own money is never at risk. Regardless of the final result, once the bet is settled, your own cash along with your profit is returned to you.

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Finding matched bets could not be easier thanks to our pioneering AutoMatcher matched bet search. AutoMatcher will scan the very latest odds for your chosen bookmaker using our own advanced odds-listener system and produce calculated matched bets along with concise and easy to follow instructions for you to convert the free bet into cash profit.

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Freebets4all will pinpoint virtually every single free bet offer available and give you the best matched bets related to the bookmaker promotions - how much to bet, which bookmaker to bet with, how much to 'lay' with Betfair, and what your overall profit will be.

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